Our values

What we believe in and what drives us

customer service

To grow, a company needs satisfied customers. This is why we work daily and try to make your work process as simple as possible.


Teamwork is first in 1sales.io. Behind every successful company there are committed employees. They are decisive for success and goal achievement.


1sales.io focuses on innovation and diversity. Lateral thinking makes the difference! We are happy to test new ideas and concepts in order to achieve maximum progress.

Easy to do

We believe that there is a solution for every problem and that everyone can achieve everything. Commitment, ambition and curiosity are important.

A smile on the lips

Only those who love their work achieve 100%. Therefore work and fun go hand in hand.

Personal development

We never get nowhere. 1sales supports the personal development of each individual. This is the only way we can get better every day.

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