The people behind

A company is only as good as its employees.

The Team

Adam Parusel and Sascha Hopp are the founders of 1sales.

Together, they founded a company in 2011 that specialized in generating leads for financial and insurance companies. Based on this business, the idea matured to develop a suitable CRM solution for the sales industry.

The two are supported by a dedicated team in which each individual makes a valuable contribution to the company's success.

Adam Parusel
CEO, Marketing and Development
Sascha Hopp
CEO, Finance and Sales
Maria Kuprian
Head of Sales and Support
Arthur Isaak
Head of Development
Aylin Kutlu
Sales & Support Manager
Emir Zejnilovic
Full Stack Developer
Amar Isakovic
Full Stack Developer
Janny Nagendiran
Backend Developer

Be a part of our success story!

Join our team and help companies around the world simplify their operations and accelerate sales.


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