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Our mission is to support your sales organization through better collaboration and process optimization.

How it all began... Th

July 2016

The idea

From our many years of experience, we have recognized that a solution must be created that enables companies to optimize their sales.

A name was quickly found and the idea for 1sales was born.

Oktober 2016

The beginning

The first line of code was written.

July 2017

Beta phase

In the beta phase of 1sales, the software was tested by two sales companies.

September 2017

1sales was online

After the successful test phase 1sales finally went online and was able to acquire first customers immediately.

November 2017

Move into the camp of the Founders Foundation

The 1sales.io team visits the Founders Foundation camp, the Bertelsmann Stiftung's accelerator program for young, committed founders, for six months. There they received support in the areas of finance, business models and marketing.

March 2018

Foundation of the company

After the successful participation in the camp Sascha Hopp and Adam Parusel officially founded the company 1sales in March 2018.

August 2018

First Investment

1sales was able to win two business angels as investors and conclude the first financing round with a 7-digit valuation.

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